Disability and Social Security Claims

  • Submitting incorrect paperwork can result in delayed or denied benefits.   Clarke Law Offices will work with insurance adjusters and federal claims processors for you; navigating you through a sometimes confusing and stressful process.
  • Was your application for disability benefits denied?  Legitimate claims can often be denied for various reasons.  If your application was wrongfully denied, Clarke Law Offices will appeal the denial.
  • I will handle your claim on a contingency fee basis and will advance costs.

Applying for long term disability or social security disability can be a complicated and tiresome task, and if your claim is denied it can be extremely frustrating.  Receiving your benefits could be delayed by confusing paperwork and frustrating processes or denied based on a claim processor’s misunderstanding of a doctor’s report or some other erroneous reason.

Clarke Law Offices will guide you through the application process.  If your claim is improperly denied, we will appeal the denial.  Like our injury practice, I will handle your disability appeal on a contingency fee basis and will only recover my costs when your benefits are awarded or restored.  I will not charge a fee for helping you with the application.

Whether you are just beginning your claim or need to appeal a denial, I have the experience to win the benefits you deserve.

Once we obtain approval for your benefits, we highly recommend Patty Vieira, an Independent Insurance agent specialized in Disability Medicare Insurance. Patty has over 20 years experience in the insurance industry and has helped many people find quality medicare insurance. Patty’s services are free to you!

More information about Patty’s company, AZ Senior Health, can be found on her website www.arizonaseniorhealth.com Her clients know that without Patty, It’s just insurance.