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What is Malpractice?

The word malpractice means bad practice.  In a professional setting (such as medical malpractice or legal malpractice) it means that a person with a professional license has been negligent and such negligence was a cause of a personal injury or damages to you. Malpractice or bad practice is not to be confused with bad outcome.  […]

Overview of a Personal Injury Claim in Arizona

Once you have been injured, whether in a car crash, from a fall at the grocery store, or any other unfortunate mishap, you are entitled to recover for your personal injuries from whomever or whatever caused your injuries.  Most lawyers handle these cases on a contingency-fee basis.  This is important because many lawyers advertise a […]

The School Shooting in Newtown

One mass killing is one too many. We have seen far too many in any one of our lifetimes. The Aurora, Colorado tragedy is still fresh in our minds and it could have been surpassed by the Oregon mall shootings were it not for the perpetrator’s weapon jamming. Today, Monday, December 17, 2012 we are […]

Tips for Landing that Job!

Clarke Law Offices is an Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney, and we know a lot of people out there are still struggling to find work and get their head above water. While filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a helpful tool for a lot of people to get a fresh start, we know it’s important to […]

Finding the Money to File Bankruptcy

As mentioned in our previous post “Making Chapter 7 Bankruptcy More Affordable,” one often faces a quandary about where to find the money to hire a bankruptcy attorney in phoenix and pay for filing fees for a Bankruptcy.  This is a common dilemma that filers face and we have some suggestions on how to come […]

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