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Stop Wage Garnishment with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Wage garnishment. It sounds terrible, especially if it’s for something like a defaulted car or credit card payment. I would imagine that if you had the means to pay your bill that you would have done so, but now someone is making the decision for you regarding whether you can AND what you can afford […]

Ask and You Shall Receive

Why does it sometimes seem like one can never get ahead?  Yet there are some people in this world that through sheer luck have built a rich and fancy-free life on nothing more than a pretty smile; spending their days lounging in the sun and buying Ferraris as birthday gifts for good friends.  For most […]

Making Chapter 7 Bankruptcy More Affordable

If you’re thinking of hiring a Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer, you’re probably having some financial trouble.  It can be difficult to think about coming up with the money to pay an attorney to help relieve your financial stress.  This certainly seems like a quandary doesn’t it? If you choose Clarke Law Offices as your bankruptcy attorney […]

Addiction Recovery and Bankruptcy

When you’re newly clean and sober it’s sometimes hard to imagine getting to a place where you’re happy, joyous, and free.  You take it one day at a time and do your best to get your feet firmly planted on solid ground.  After a few weeks and months, the promises of AA start coming true […]

Can I File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Arizona?

Can I file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Arizona?  This question used to be a lot easier to answer.  There is one group of filers that know right away if the answer is “Yes.”  These are filers whose debts are primarily composed of non-consumer, or business, debts.  Consumer debts are those debts incurred for primarily […]

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